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family lawyer

As the term implies, family lawyers focus on issues that have an impact on families. They deal with matters such as:

  1. divorce proceedings, adoptions, and child custody.
  2. Common tasks include drafting custody agreements,
    wills, prenuptial agreements, and other documents.
  3. While some family lawyers engage in litigation, it is a less prevalent aspect of this practice, as most of these cases settle.

But family law is also a surprisingly broad legal area, It touches upon everything from constitutional law to tax law to real estate. “The best way to think about it is, what are the legal issues that are likely to impact the family unit?” she says.


For example, in settling a Divorce Case, someone typically pays child support, while the custodial parent receives child support. This area has an impact both on the family structure as well as financial considerations. (Tax Returns, and the impact on each parent).
In divorce cases, for example, considerations may include whether they are handled on a fault or no-fault basis, how assets will be divided, and various possible grounds such as irreconcilable differences, mental cruelty, or desertion. Child custody and support may be major factors as well. Some family law attorneys also delve into criminal law, dealing with individuals who have been accused of abuse or neglect. Finally, as society changes and technology advances, new aspects of family law are likely to emerge. Applications in genetic engineering of human beings, for example, may bring a host of new legal questions that family law attorneys will help address.
Beyond the specialized knowledge, succeeding as a family lawyer requires the same basic skills as other legal areas: strong written and verbal communication, time management, critical thinking and analysis, etc. Moreover, strong “people skills” are especially important for family lawyers. Given the deeply personal issues inherent to family law, the ability to relate calmly and constructively with people who may be emotionally vulnerable is a must.

Types and Areas of Family Law:

  • Child Custody/Visitation
  • Child support
  • Order of protection and Child /Spousal abuse

In many cases that are brought to family court, one parent may deny custody, and may never even met the child, these case the attorney for the custodial parent has the burden of establishing paternity, before any liability for child support is established.


Many parents often feel that it should be easy to handle a Family Court custody and support cases on their own, however without a knowledgeable and competent family court attorney this can be a very difficult process.


Family Lawyers in Nassau County, when a litigant has a Family Court case it is handled in Family Court, Nassau County 1200 Old Country Road Westbury, New York 11590_. Where you reside as long as its in Nassau doesn’t matter. It could be North Hempstead, Valley Stream, Uniondale or Roosevelt, etc. Each court is established to handle different types of cases. Divorce Cases are handled in Supreme Court in Mineola.

The Firm of Larry McCord and Associates, has practices before the New York Supreme Court and Family Court for over a decade, and is well versed in Divorce and Family Law issues. Call is for a Free Consultation if you have a case in Nassau or Suffolk County. (631) 643-3084. Or go to our website.


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