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Nassau County Divorce Lawyers

Have you been the target of a divorce lawyer in Nassau County? Are you struggling to figure out what to do because your marriage isn’t working out? If you’re going through a divorce, we can give you the legal assistance you need to get through this trying period. If you’re prepared to move forward, Larry McCord and Associates, LLC can assist you in determining whether you have grounds for fault-based, no-fault, or separation-based divorce.
With more than 14 years of expertise, our firm has assisted families and locals with the expert family lawyer in Nassau County, also in Hempstead, West Hempstead, Uniondale, Lynbrook, Rockville Centre, Oceanside, and the surrounding regions with the divorce process, including but not limited to:
  • • Contested & Uncontested Divorce
  • • Residency Requirements
  • • Spousal Support (Maintenance)
  • • Child Custody
  • • Child Visitation
  • • Child Support
  • • Distribution of Assets
  • • Domestic Violence
  • • Order of Protection

Nassau County Family Law Attorneys

Laws that govern family interactions are referred to as family laws. These laws specify not just the bonds between family members but also those between a family and society. The values of society regarding how family members ought to treat one another are reflected in family law.

Your best resource when dealing with family-related difficulties is the top lawyer for a divorce in Nassau for family law. They can also assist you in comprehending your case better. Several people have sought the assistance of Larry McCord & Associates in resolving their family law conflicts, particularly those addressing the following issues:
  • • Abuse and Neglect
  • • Child Custody and Visitation
  • • Child Protective Services Proceedings
  • • Child Support
  • • Divorce
  • • Distribution of Assets
  • • Domestic Violence and Orders of Protection
  • • Guardianship
  • • Hearings and Trials
  • • Juvenile Delinquency
  • • Maintenance/Spousal Suppor
  • • Paternity
  • • Pre-Nuptial Agreements
  • • Post Nuptial Agreements

Do You Need a Lawyer?

You must contact a family lawyer in Nassau County as soon as you have any queries concerning the divorce or separation procedure in Long Island, including Hempstead, West Hempstead, Uniondale, Lynbrook, Rockville Centre, Oceanside, and neighboring locations.

Our skilled Nassau County divorce attorney and family lawyers are committed to upholding your legal rights and assisting you in getting the most favorable results for your legal issues.

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