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what is criminal law

A knowledgeable criminal defense attorney in Nassau County may not be known to those unfamiliar
with the criminal justice system. Simply put, facts about criminal law are taken by a skilled lawyer that
will protect your liberties and rights to the fullest extent feasible.
The McCord Law will conduct thorough research into the specifics of your case after you hire us to build
a compelling defense on your side. It may be best to bargain plea deals with prosecutors in your criminal
case. In criminal cases, settlements may lead to decreased bail, lessened charges, or dramatically
discounted sentences and sentencing alternatives.
Our knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys in Nassau County will fight for your rights in court if a
positive resolution cannot be achieved.
We’ll walk you through each step and update you on the status of your case. Our attorneys will
simultaneously assemble the strongest defense for your case. The best criminal justice attorneys will set
the bar for your expectations.
Never rely on a barrister who only provides the information you want to hear. Criminal behavior is
strongly suggested, which is quite serious. A reliable attorney will discuss your case with you openly and
honestly while tenaciously advocating on your behalf.

Criminal case definition

Have you ever viewed any episode of Law & Order on television? Every first segment of these kinds of
programs deals with a crime committed. This portion of the program concentrates on the investigative
and police work necessary to solve the crime and collect evidence against the criminal. The program’s
second segment deals with the legal system and illustrates how criminal Law fits the circumstances. As a
result, you will witness the application of a criminal lawyer in court. This program gives an excellent
overview of the body of what is criminal Law.
Criminal law is also known as a corpus of laws that apply to criminal activities. When a person violates a
specific criminal statute, that person is guilty of committing a crime and breaking the Law. Because
criminal law punishments include the loss of one’s rights and incarceration, they differ from civil Law. On
the other hand, civil laws deal with settling legal disputes and monetary damages.
There are many explanations as to why we have a criminal justice system. Neither hypothesis is absolute
nor conclusive. The fundamental goals of criminal Law are to deter crime, reform the offender, exact
punishment for the offense, and prevent additional crimes. These concepts of criminal Law and which
policies the body of criminal Law should best support are hot topics of debate.
The criminal case definition is when a prosecutor working for the federal, state, or municipal
government accuses someone of committing a crime, it is known as a criminal case. Criminal
proceedings often start after the suspect is detained and charged, typically at an indictment hearing.
The defendant in a criminal case is always presumed innocent until proven guilty in court beyond a
reasonable doubt. A criminal law sentence may follow when a court finds someone guilty of committing
a crime. These punishments can include community service, a fine, an incarceration sentence, or a
combination of all three.

Types of Criminal Laws

Types of Criminal laws are divided into two categories: misdemeanors and felonies. A misdemeanor is
categorized as being on the lower end of the criminal scale. Examples include minor assaults, traffic
infractions, and small-time thefts. Nevertheless, the misdemeanor crime usually carries a sentence of
one year or less in most jurisdictions.
Felony offenses, on the other hand, include more serious transgressions. Felons include murder,
manslaughter, drug trafficking, rape, robbery, and arson. Depending on the specifics of the act and the
area where the felony crime was committed, felonies in almost every state in the U.S. carry a sentence
of one year or more. Also, each state has a unique set of criminal laws that range from state to state.
Additionally, every state in the United States is subject to federal criminal law statutes.

Criminal Lawyer Nassau County – Areas of Practice

The McCord Law is more than just a criminal defense firm serving Nassau County. You can count on our
staff to support you in various circumstances. The practice areas we cover below include information on
how our team can assist you with your case.

Drug Offenses

Both state and federal regulations forbid certain compounds. New York state law considers the
production, distribution, and possession of various drug crimes. If you’ve been accused of any of these
crimes, your chances of beating the charges are better if you work with a skilled drug criminal solicitor.
The two most typical kinds of possession charges are actual and constructive possession. Actual
possession is the accusation brought against a person when they are allegedly in actual physical
possession of a controlled substance.
A constructive possession charge does not require actual possession. You could be charged with this if
you have control over, or even just access to, the location where drugs were found, like in your car or

DWI / DUI Defense

A knowledgeable criminal lawyer in Nassau County is essential if you are accused of driving while
Our skilled Nassau County DWI attorneys have a proven track record of obtaining favorable outcomes
for clients facing DWI accusations. This kind of claim should not be taken lightly. Let our years of
knowledge work for you by contacting the top legal team in Nassau County.


What is an arraignment defined as? What steps make up the process? Should you see a lawyer? You
probably have many questions if you’ve been charged with a crime.
When someone is arrested in New York for illegal activity, the arraignment step of the legal procedure is
vital. Most persons who end themselves in the legal system are unaware of the importance of
arraignment in court proceedings.
This conventional legal proceeding frequently happens in New York City. The Mayor’s Office of Criminal
Justice reports that more than 67,000 arraignments occurred in New York City in 2020.
Our committed attorneys will be at your side throughout your arraignment, assisting you in formulating
your plea and attempting to reduce your bail.

Assault Charges

If someone is suspected of harming another person without a valid reason, they may be accused of
“assault.” A significant criminal violation is to accuse someone of assault. Depending on the case’s
specifics, it may have a wide range of effects.
Infractions of assault can infrequently be considered misdemeanors under New York state law. If you or
someone else you know has been accused of an assault on Long Island, contact The McCord Law to
speak with an experienced criminal lawyer in Nassau County. Our assault attorneys have nearly three
decades of expertise between them.

Homicide/Murder Defense

Homicide is one of the most serious offenses for which you could be prosecuted. Even though New York
has abolished the death penalty, someone convicted of homicide may get a life sentence without the
possibility of parole. Prosecutors take homicide claims very seriously.
According to New York state law, homicide is defined as the unlawful killing of another person. It’s not
always intentional or planned. A person may be charged with murder if their drastic actions cause
death. If a victim passes away while the offender is conducting another crime, the defendant may also
be charged with murder.
These trials usually involve intricate scientific evidence, such as DNA and toxicological studies. You must
hire a skilled Nassau County criminal lawyers if you face homicide charges.

White-Collar Crimes

A broad term for several criminal behaviors is “white-collar crime.” These offenses are frequently
dishonesty-based crimes like fraud or tax evasion. Typically, financial gain is the primary driving force.
Laws and regulations are being used more frequently by federal and state prosecutors to subject people
and businesses to strict examination. Almost all industries are impacted by this.
The most common defendants in white-collar crimes are business owners and personnel from insurance
companies, banks, and healthcare organizations. A white-collar criminal attorney’s assistance is essential
if you want to avoid prosecution or have the severity of the punishments reduced.
If you have been charged with fraud in Nassau County, act immediately. The white-collar criminal
attorneys at The Mccord Law can assist.


Our knowledgeable attorneys have years of combined legal experience. We have plenty of experience
with every offense and can work with you to achieve the best result. You also must have the knowledge
of what criminal law is and how to consult a lawyer for your case; it is also important to have a basic
knowledge of criminal law facts as it’s an important part of learning to be a good citizen.

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