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Cybercrime lawyer Nassau County

The world shrank significantly once the internet became widely used in the 1990s and spread worldwide in the 2000s. Knowing which buttons to hit on a keyboard made interacting, conducting business, and sharing information straightforward.

The federal government responded to the expansion of the online community by enacting many rules governing internet users’ usage of computers.

Several of these laws have criminal penalties for those found guilty of cybercrimes. Cybercrime lawyer in Nassau County, New York has experience defending clients in US District Courts against allegations of all cybercrimes.

Defining a Cybercrime

The US government decided to change many of the current regulations that governed how people might utilize technology that permitted an interpersonal connection to combat the growth of cybercrimes. As a result, legislation that previously only applied to the usage of phones, telegraphs, and fax machines was expanded to cover computers.

The law that forbids the interception of wire communications (18 USC 2511) is a striking illustration of this. According to this statute, it is against the law to purposefully intercept or attempt to intercept any wire, oral, or electronic communication. The fact that eavesdropping on phone calls and telegraph messages is illegal indicates that this regulation has evolved from an earlier version.

It is also unlawful to accept any communications when the recipient is aware that the law has been broken to collect the information, as a New York Federal cybercrimes attorney could further clarify. Any person found guilty by this law is subject to fines and a maximum sentence of five years under paragraph four.

Internet Offenses and Cyber Crimes

Internet crimes, cybercrimes, computer crimes, network offenses, and many more are covered by particular legislation in New York. More crucially, because most “online” offenses involve people from different states, federal law will likely apply to the charges, which may carry much higher penalties than those imposed by New York State.

Some of the most typical cyber-crimes in Nassau County, New York include:

  • •  Unauthorized Computer Use
  • •  Computer intrusion
  • •  Computer hacking
  • •  Cyberbullying

A person intentionally uses, causes to be used, or accesses a computer, computer network, or computer service without the required authority, according to Internet crime lawyer, New York Penal Law Section 156.05. It is regarded as a Class A misdemeanor, punishable by up to one year in jail and significant fines.

Types of Internet & Cyber Crimes

In general, cyber crimes are any criminal offense made possible by the use of the internet, email, websites, message boards, and chat rooms that carry out illegal or fraudulent transactions. Present illegal or fraudulent solicitations to potential victims and transfer the proceeds of illegal activity to others, engage in illegal sexual activity, or carry out other actions.

Long prison terms, huge fines, computer usage restrictions, and registration as a sex offender (for any internet offenses involving sex) are among the punishments for serious computer crimes and if you got involved in any of this you have to take the assistance of a computer crime lawyer.

The following are the types of internet crimes our law firm handles:

  • •  Phishing
  • •  Hacking
  • •  Blackmail or extortion
  • •  Credit card fraud
  • Identity theft
  • •  Electronic harassment or stalking
  • •  Child pornography
  • •  Prostitution
  • •  Solicitation
  • •  Drug trafficking
  • •  Criminal copyright infringement

When you have been accused of any of the offenses above, speaking with a Cybercrime lawyer in Nassau County is crucial because most internet crimes are regarded as felonies.

Speak To a New York Federal Cyber Crime Attorney

The laws and investigative techniques used to bring cybercrime charges are relatively new in the US. Even when an individual’s online activities occur in a public space, they have the right to privacy.
When federal investigators are trying to look into and punish alleged cybercrimes, they frequently launch cyberattacks. Federal cybercrime attorneys in Nassau County, New York know these strategies and how agents may abuse their authority.

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